Assessments for

  • Personality
  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • I believe in the power of assessments and their ability to transform and provide amazing feedback.

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    Dr. Carletta Griffin, Founder, Dominion Disabilities Advocates

  • Research demonstrates that assessments are widely used in coaching. Assessments increase the coach's understanding of their coachee and they can provide "the most powerful take away to coaches in terms of generating better self-insight and awareness."
    McDowall and Smewing,. The Coaching Psychologist, Vol. 5, No. 2: The British Psychological Society, 2009
  • Forbes reports a "head start" and greater ongoing self-understanding that assessments provide.
    2019, Ron Young, Forbes Coachee Council
  • Coaching has been found to imrpove self-awareness, self-acceptance, well-being, the ability to manage stress, communication and leadership skills, goal attainment, self-confidence, and a plethora of other beneficial outcomes.
    Fasel 2013
  • A large number of studies have emphasized the importance of using assessments to provide feedback for effective coaching, with many deeming it an integral activity within the coaching process that reveals discontinuity between desired and current performance.
    Ellinger & Bolstrom, Journal of Management Development, 18(9), 752-771. 1999.